Thursday, November 9, 2017

What's going on with the Tower app (for Android) lately ?

As you might remember, I use the Tower app (previously known as DroidPlanner) while flying my APM-based quads.

So, I'm trying to spend more time with this hobby lately. One of the things I was checking was what software I should be using, and that everything is up-to-date.

I don't really use Android for anything other than this R/C Tablet, so bear with me (in real-life I live in Apple ecosystem). For some reason, the "auto-update-apps" setting in Google-Play Store was off on my R/C Android tablet, so I turned it back on and various Apps updated. I'm not sure if my last flights were on a late release of Tower 3.x or v4.x.

When I started Tower the first time, I got a "Change-Log" screen. Among other things, it said that the dependency on 3DR-Services had been removed. At the time, I didn't think much of it, other than the fact that my R/C tablet's software-build could now possibly be a little leaner.

At first, I thought the Tower v4.0 release was new. However, after doing some research, it looks like v4.0 was released back in Q4-2016.

Maybe the removal of 3DR-Services had a deeper meaning of things to come?

It appears that Bill Bonney has come to the rescue.

Bill, thanks for Tower Beta v4.0.1 . I think this might be the main GitHub dev page

Looks like its in the Google-Play store, so we doesn't have to hassle with a .apk file.

The main Tower dev page is here.

It appears to being updated slightly recently, but a new version with those updates is not always uploaded to Goggle-Play-Store. Evidence of that is its Tower is stuck at v4.0.0 since 10-2016.

Next, I need to fire-up the Nova and Tower v4.0 and see if the RSSI for my SiK (915Mhz) Radio is truly missing. I do like seeing that . Not just when flying far away, but also as a Pre-Flight check.

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