Thursday, November 16, 2017

QGroundControl v3.2 - Initial Impressions

Looks like the QGroundControl is coming along and maturing nicely. I finally had a chance to load this open-source GCS on my Android tablet.

I think it looks great. I think I also prefer the UI and compared to what Tower has become, including the representation of the fundamental Aircraft Instrumentation.

Amazingly, it connected right-up to the APM in my Nova over the SiK-915mhz radio ... and the UI came to life with real-time telemetry from the aircraft. The Android-girl was even calling-out Mode changes as I tested the Taranis.

However, I immediately got a pop-up notification warning-message that v3.3 or higher is required for 100% proper operation. I assume it means ArduCopter because this little APM-252 FC is just running v3.1.5. Ground testing seemed fine, but as I explored the app, I continued to get various other warnings about yet other parameters being missing. It's not a fault of the App, just that this version of ArduCopter isn't new enough (and can't particular FC really be upgraded to v3.3.x).

I still plan on using Mission Planner for Windows for quadcopter and drone setup, calibrations, and parameter tweaking ... while at the workbench. While this seems to be barely working on my old APM aircraft (on the ground) I think I will stick to Tower 4.x for them. I'll reserve this QGroundControl for my PixHawks.

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