Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Successful Nova-2017 Flight

We were watching the birds at the feeder today, and I realized there was no wind. I thought to myself "I should go maiden the re-built Nova-2017".

I went to the smaller Rec-Center field. Sure enough winds were 1mph. Got a good HDOP/SATs. Pretty nervous, but tried to remind myself I used to know how to do this :)

Flew mainly Stabilize and practiced landings. Tested the following Modes: Stabilize, Loiter, Alt-Hold, Simple-Mode, Land, and did a test RTL (set to 25 meters). One of it's auto-Landings was soft, but the motors ran too long so it tipped itself over once (not sure why the Nova does that sometimes). Anyway, I flew through my 3000mah battery without a hard-landing or really even a scratch. 

Some neighbors stopped to watch the show. I still got a little nervous when it was high, far-away, or near the main street or nearby houses.

Using Tower-Beta v4.0.1. It's nice flying a quad with a Power-Module again. Angle_Max = 4000 is fine (very fast), but THR_MID = 530 is not quite enough with 3000mah  battery installed (and Power-Module and SiK 915mhz radio). Land_Speed = 40 seems fine.

Here is the Nova after I got back (ignore grass-stains on props :)

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