Monday, July 4, 2016

PixRacer v1.0 Autopilot Xracer Flight Controller Mini-PX4 Wifi for FPV Racing RC Multirotor

I just ordered an inexpensive Chinese-clone PixRacer Flight-Controller to try-out. It says it also comes with the WiFi-module. I will add more to this post once I receive it.
It arrived fast and as pictured (with WiFi daughter-board and SD-Memory-Card). It appears to be generally good build quality for a cloned FC from the outside (metal case, etc.).
From Windows MissionPlanner, I loaded: APM:Copter v3.4-rc5
On the PixRacer (BG clone) hardware, it's identified as:
APM:Copter v3.4-rc5 (0d9d101f)
Note: Due to a recent IMU hardware issue fix in code, this might be the first firmware version that is working 100% for this particular FC.
After firmware upgrade to this version, my PixRacer still Connects to MP and seems to operate normally for a benched FC with only an USB connection. Even in this minimal state, I went ahead and did some minimal Compass and Accelerometer calibrations. The PixRacer continues to operate properly in MissionPlanner's HUD.
I will try some more elaborate bench-test configs, and post about those test results later. My initial opinion is favorable.


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    1. It arrived fast and as pictured (with WiFi daughter-board and SD-Memory-Card). Appears to be good quality for a clone (ie. case is metal). I haven't had a chance to get it powered-up and workbench tested yet.

    2. Updated my post with some test results.

  2. And? How did it go? How was the drone in the air? What are You using as the rest of the drone? I am realy interested in finding as much different FC experiences as possible, because I am planning a project on my own. But, anyway, with the electronics aside, you realy first need to learn to fly with a smal cheap mini quad, and then try out some of the big boys :) In best case, a drone that you built yourself. Here is an article that helped me get familiar with some of the basics in drone piloting:


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