Monday, November 27, 2017

Turnigy SK-450 PnF quad - The latest addition to the hanger

Here's the latest addition to the hanger. I caught it on sale at HobbyKing for around $100 (and with Black-Friday free shipping from USA warehouse) and could not refuse. Lets call it a birthday present :)

I plan to figure-out KK-2.x FC just enough to test the ESCs and motors. I've got some spare FrSky X8R RX's, so I'll drop one of those in there. However, I'm pretty sure it's getting a PixRacer and GPS pretty soon. I've be wanting to install the spare PixRacer in something for a while now. Actually, wanting to get a PixHawk-anything in the air :)

It's good to be back "in the hobby" more these days, but I need to stay away from hobby websites :)

Either I've been busy or the weather was bad, so I'm still looking for a good time to go fly the rebuilt Nova.

EDIT 12-2017
PixRacer Install

I got the PixRacer and Power-Module installed. Just using the single external Beitian compass/gps unit. FrSky-X8R fits nice up-front. Taranis programming was mostly the same as Nova/CX20. In fact, I just copied over the Nova model to the SK-450 model.

After clearing/working some strange Pre-Arm errors in Mission-Planner:
- Check Firmware - Already had ArduCopter v3.5.4. Flashed to ArduPlane and back-again
- Check FRAME-CLASS - Was X4, but switched it back-and-forth. Saved and Reboot
- Check 3D Accel - Calibrated it again. I guess required after major firmware switching
- Check Compass - Set to use single external one and Calibrated
- Check RC Roll not Configured - Re-Calibrated Radio (all sticks and switches)
- Check FS_THR_VALUE - Radio throttle stick goes to 982. Had to lower from 975 to 950.

I finally got the PixRacer Armed and spun the Motors for the first time. The ESCs also had to be calibrated.

It came together real fast. Before maiden flight:
- PixRacer needs to be mounted more permanently ( I found my stash of Zeal gel-pad).
- More settings in MissionPlanner.
- Need to setup my first PixHawk (PixRacer) with my preferred APM params equivalents
- Wiring and antenna-mounting will need some clean-up

WiFi AP is AI-THINKER_code


  1. I got the PixRacer installed. Quad now Arms and I can spin the motors.

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