Friday, November 17, 2017

Mission Planner v1.3.50 for Windows (for APM and PixHawk)

Well, I recently posted about the other GCS I use (or plan to use) so I thought a post about the main one I use would be in order. Glad to see Mission Planner (for Windows) is still going strong (thanks to Michael Oborne , all the project contributors in the community).

I came across an interesting glitch late last year. It has apparently since been fixed in the latest version of Mission Planner (v1.3.50), but I thought I would post about it anyway.

With the old version of Mission Planner v1.3.41 (current back in October 2016) I tried to load it on a fairly new Dell laptop (with Intel mobile CPU and Intel on-board HD4000 IGP) running Windows-10/64bit. It seemed to lockup while trying to initially load and start running. I didn't think much of it and just put that laptop aside. Instead, I used my slightly older AMD-based Lenovo laptop (also running Windows-10/64bit). It ran fine there, so no worries and back to flying :)

I recently found out that it wasn't actually locking-up on the Intel-based Dell, it just goes unresponsive for about 4 minutes and then finally loads, initializes, and runs properly (if you wait-it-out). I was still running v1.3.41 and holding-off on updates. However, Google searches reveal other pilots having similar problem with versions as late as 1.3.45 and 1.3.49.

So, in the v1.3.50 Change Log, we see:
HUD: fix Intel graphics freeze

However, it might have been a different issue that was fixed. Anyway, its fixed and now works on both laptops. The Intel-base one is running Windows-10 Pro 64bit Version: 1607.

To get Mission Planner v1.3.50, you can update from inside the Mission Planner program itself, or just install the latest version from the installer-file.

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