Sunday, May 1, 2016

New Tower for Android update

Just flew around the obstacle course today (aka my backyard :-). Also, re-tested the calibration on my PowerModule, but it looks to be pretty close already.

Knowing Volts is nice, but on a battery with some flight minutes on it (like say 40% used) ... I've found that Volts is only completely accurate if there is about a 2-amp draw on the battery (like the "1-click throttle" or the Arming-Spin). Without a load on battery, the volts are about 0.7 volts higher. I think this might be normal.

I just discovered there is a new version of Tower and 3DR-Services for Android. Looks like it has been released for about 6-months now. I have my tablet set to update Apps manually, and tend to not mess with things that are working.

Seems to work fine and I like the new changes. Go ahead and update anything else offered (I think there is a TTS update also). After updating everything, I rebooted tablet.

Nice to see Fredia still developing this branch on Android. Too bad we can't use the new "Solo Video" stuff on generic APM/PixHawk (I have an EasyCap just sitting here :-).

Don't worry about Wyatt Earp's review ... Google Maps still works (not sure what he's talking about ... sounds like something is broken on his end).

If your tablet supports GPS with a true standalone GPS sensor and antenna, go ahead and get "Satellite Check" by DS-Software while you are in Android Google Play-Store (if you haven't already). It's a nice GPS-Satellite Diags app.

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