Monday, May 2, 2016

Cheerson CX-10w Micro QuadCopter Review

I got one of these new Cheerson CX-10w indoor micro quads to check-out. Always nice to have something to fly inside when the weather is bad. It seems to pack a lot of technology into a small package. It utilizes the technology of your phone (Apple iPhone or Android) for 2.4ghz WiFi control and FPV HD-video.


The CX-10w comes well packed in a sturdy box with the propellers pre-installed. You get the USB charging-cable and an extra set of props. You even get a printed manual in English (it's actually pretty good).

The battery does NOT have to be removed for charging (which is helpful). Leave the CX10w switched OFF to charge it. Connect the yellow charging cable to the side of the quadcopter and connect the other end to an USB port on your computer or other USB charger (I use the one supplied with my iPhone-5). An orange led-light will come on inside the USB connector while it is charging. The light will turn-off when charging is complete.


Install iPhone App:
While it says it also works for Android, this review will talk about Apple and iPhone because that is what I use (iPhone-5 to be exact). Go into the App-Store and search "cx10wifi" or "cx-10wifi" and the proper free app should appear. Install it and run it once to make sure everything is working and ready.

Connecting CX-10w to phone by WiFi:
On the iPhone, you simply connect to the CX-10w like it is a WiFi HotSpot (aka Access Point, router, etc). This is in Settings/WiFi. Switch the quadcopter ON, and you should see "CX-10w-wifi" or similar available for connection. Connect to it (there is no password).

I suggest you leave the CX-10w's Control App's settings as Defaults. This gives you Control Mode 2 (left-hand throttle), and things like "trims" will automatically be saved between flights .While not mandatory, I've found that some simple calibration and initial trimming procedures will help new pilots flying the CX-10w.

With the quadcopter on level surface or ground, click the "Balance-Scales" icon (top right corner) on the app's Control Interface screen. This apparently calibrates and resets the internal gyro.

Try to hover a few feet off of ground. If it hovers in one place, you are done. A little drifting is normal, but if it consistently drifts or "pulls" to one direction a lot, you can gradually/slightly adjust the "trim bars" next to the displayed gimbals.

Flight Tips:
  • Initially, it's better to fly in a large room with no obstacles, and no heavy-blowing fans.
  • If you have a crash, make sure the props are still installed properly and not bent or broken.
  • Have fun and be sure to experiment with the different Flight Modes. For instance, Gravity Mode (spinning-top icon) lets you use the level and orientation of the phone itself for control. Hold the phone completely level and then give it some throttle to hover.
This little quad is durable and flies good (I've had some crashes and nothing broke ... not even a prop). However, it does take a little flight practice and getting used to the phone's touch-screen controls. As a complete package (with these features at this price) I say its fun and worth the money. Only thing is ... my cat doesn't seem too excited about the new addition to the fleet :-)

It just so happens that this little quad is currently on-sale. If you are in the USA, you can even buy from US-Direct warehouse, pay with PayPal, and have it in your hands in less than a week. However, even from the Chinese (CN) warehouse, I usually get items from them in a couple of weeks (3 at most ... ever).


  1. The CX 10W is the best little drone to get you used to flying in FPV. But, if you don't have any previous experience with drones, learning to control a drone with a smartphone might be more of a challenge than you thought. My advice, if you are completely new, go for a simple, only joystick model, also extremely cheap, and practice on that one first. Then try this one and get the most fun out of it right from the start. I can recommend an article talking about micro quads, to give you an idea of the most suitable models for you. You can check it out here:


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