Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Eachine EV800 RC FPV Goggles with 5-inch 480p Screen & 40ch 5.8ghz Video Receiver

I've got a set of these EV800 FPV Goggles on order. I've always been a Line-of-Sight RC-aircraft pilot. I'm still not sure if hard-core FPV quad racing is right for me, but casual FPV flying seems like fun. Plus, the price is right on this entry level set.

If you examine the hardware-specs, you can see this is really more like a 2nd generation set ... only now available in 2016 for this price. Click any link in this post for full specs on the sales page (they are currently taking pre-orders).

I will know more after I get mine delivered, but here are my initial impressions about it's features. I suppose these are also the reasons why I decided to buy them :)

  • The 480p (DVD quality) resolution screen should be fine for a good picture from the common CCD 600TVL-700TVL cameras that are usually used now-days on FPV aircraft and racers. The screen is also spec-ed at 600cd/m2 brightness, which should work nicely outside with sun.
  • The included and built-in 5.8ghz video receiver includes all the common frequency bands, for a full 40 channels of available individual frequencies (including RaceBand). There should be no problem finding a matching empty/clear one for use with your model aircraft. There is also plenty to share at flying field, and it will even auto-select one for you if you want.
  • Looks like the front "goggles part" comes-off and you can easily mount the main screen unit on a common tripod. This is good for FPV newbies like myself. We can fly normally line-of-sight (LoS) or look into nearby screen to fly FPV. You can also just use it  to "line-up" aerial video and photography shots (which is really handy ... you see what multi-rotor sees). You can transition between either mode as you see fit.
  • It says the battery is also included, so this set of FPV goggles is ready to go ... just connect wirelessly to your aircraft.
I will post more about the goggles after I get them.

Oh ... when I ordered them, I paid the extra $2 for Priority Direct Mail and Shipping Insurance. Then, I simply paid with PayPal. Actually, this is what I always do when ordering items from them. I'm in USA (Texas) but In-Stock items ship fast and show-up on my door-step in a couple of weeks (even all the way from China).

Usage Update:

The EV800 FPV Goggles work pretty good and picture is clear. Not going to do full review because others have. About 90% of the reviews are favorable and they seem to be working good in the field for most pilots. Latest shipping units should include nice black face pad and external video-in capability.

The main fresnel lens in NOT adjustable, so pilots who wear glasses or who are slightly near-sighted will likely find that the fixed distance between the lens and screen just barely allows a clear focus.

My main use for now will be as FPV goggles on my head. However, the EV800's LCD screen does well in sunlight, so I wanted to try them on my tripod and/or attached to my transmitter. The core display-unit is pretty compact and I like the its "sun-shield" body-case.

For most pilots, the new Eachine VR-D2 FPV Goggles 40ch-DVR will be the better choice because it has a built-in DVR, better antenna system, and the main lens is adjustable. It simply has more desired features for just a bit more money. I have a pair on order.

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