Saturday, May 14, 2016

Eachine Blade-185 RC Quadcopter - FPV Racing Drone (ARF)

I just ordered a Eachine Blade 185 FPV racing quadcopter.

I got the ARF model, that come with Naze32 FC and LiPo battery. I plan to install a FrSky X6R receiver, and use my existing FrSky Taranis radio. However, I saw they also have a Ready-To-Fly model (RTF complete with radio, GPS-Module pre-installed, and battery). In fact there is currently a coupon for this RTF combo.

Blade 185 (ARF) Notable Features (what caught my attention):
  • Naze32 Flight Controller (Rev6 10DOF with 32bit processor)
  • Includes Compass, Altimeter/Barometer
  • GPS capable
  • Runs CleanFlight
  • Nice CF-frame with LEDs and various component mounting options
So, I was out-back yesterday, trying to do some FPV with my little Hubsan 107d. It flies fine indoors and even outside with a little wind. The problem is that if it lands on even slightly tall grass, it can't take off again because its props get tangled in the weeds. So then you have to take the FPV goggles off, stand-up from chair, and go get it. I decided it's just too frustrating outside (unless you only fly over a trimmed golf-course or turf).

I put that little quad aside for the moment, and did some pre-sales research on my options. I don't have time to start another custom build, so I ordered this Blade-185 ARF today. The pilots in the forums seem to like it. I decided that if I'm going to try this, I need a proper FPV aircraft to use.

I'll post more about it after it arrives. It's in-stock and shipping from Chinese warehouse, so it should be here in around 2 weeks.


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  2. When it comes to FPV Drone Racing, Eachine has really stepped up! The 185 is a great model! But my favorite one from Eachine is the 250 Racer. Eitherway, they are both great models and real competitors! If FPV drones are your thing, I suggest checking out this great article about these speed demons. You can check it out here:


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