Saturday, May 7, 2016

Flight Session 47 - Flying on a Windy Day

Middle school fields were mostly occupied again this Saturday. I almost flew in back field but I saw an un-leashed dog running and playing fetch, so I just went to neighborhood Rec-Center field.

80F and Party cloudy - Nova's were getting good SATs and HDOP. Another windy day but I flew anyway (it's good practice).

I ran 3 batteries through the Novas. The new version of Tower on Android is working fine. I created a simple and short Auto-Mission and ran it with no problems.

The new Vant 3000mah LiPo battery is working fine. The PowerModule calibration is good on SuperNova and I really like knowing more about the battery during flight (Tower gives me periodic updates by her voice).

It's also nice to finally having a quad with a more precise altimeter (the SuperNova). It does perfect Land and RTL. Had some spectators. Another good flight session under my belt.

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