Saturday, November 1, 2014

Flight #7 - Return to Flight

I took the repaired Nova to larger middle-school field to fly it. Winds were 10mph (with gusts) on a clear day. Flew 2 batteries (about 20 minutes total) and Nova survived with no damage. However, I seem to have a re-emergence of an old problem (now more frequent and pronounced) ... I think it's called Wobble of Death. It's not Ground Effect because I'm high-up, usually trying to hover. As I describe flights, assume all is ok (no wobble) unless I mention it. It happened about 5 times.

First flight was an AutoTrim. It seemed to really need it, so I did it twice (to finish with a good landing) and it worked fine.

Had a quick dhop of 1.8. I'm really liking the new Prop-Guards since if it tips over on landing a prop-strike is prevented. Even if it flips on landing (in short grass) it doesn't really bind props/motors.

Flight 1

Colors are the different Flight-Modes

On first battery I tested Stabilize, Loiter, AltHold, and RTL. I'm trying to remember now when the WoD happens. It seemed the Mode didn't matter (saw it during most of them). Wind gusts seem to cause it and while it almost flipped completely over a few times, it never actually did. Switching to Stabilize and making a course correction seemed to cure it.

On second battery I did another AutoTrim (just in case it would help WoD, but it didn't). Ran though all modes but I also tested Simple-Mode for the first time. Generally kinda weird but works fine and might come in handy. It works in Stabilize as well as AltHold (a welcome surprise).

I have Mobius video and logs to analyze. So, what causes Wobble of Death?

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