Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nova Repaired

I called it "repaired" and screwed body back together. It was only on the bench for one week.

I upgraded to MissionPlanner 1.3.10. I re-did all calibrations (Radio, Compass, Accelerometer, and ESC) and everything looks fine in MissionPlanner, DroidPlanner, and with Taranis control. First flight will be an AutoTrim.

CH-7 is already assigned to a 3-Position switch at Taranis. In MissionPlanner, changed CH-7 to be Super-Simple Mode. Middle position (or first click) ends up being Simple-Mode (non-GPS but directional) and Down should be Super-Simple-Mode (GPS required but even works "behind" pilot). When bench testing radio, there is no indication in MP or DP that SM or SSM is engaged. Even though it's just a Mode-Modifier, I find it strange that the only way to know if it's setup properly is to fly quad and see what happens (especially for a Mode that changes what the sticks do).

I really liked the Prop Guards (for the short time I had them) so I installed a new set. If you drill a small hole in them, you can leave them installed while opening the quad. This way, you don't have to remove the 8 prop-guard/motor screws. With them only being Phillips-head who wants to be removing them just to get inside the quad (not to mention the fact that they hold the motors securely in place). Be sure to only use these 8 special-longer screws with the prop-guards. If used incorrectly, them will touch/scratch the internal motor windings and kill the motors (and possibly the ESCs).

I already have a set of genuine DJI Phantom (P330/SPN9) 8045 props that I picked-up at LHS. Best I can tell, the stock props were clones of these (and these will continue to be my "spare-set"). I ended up just getting a new set of stock white 8045 props from along with my Prop Guards.

If I do anything else to it before next flight, I'll document it here.

Just got back from 2 flights (batteries) on small WLT v262 quad. Good to go flying again.

The Texas daytime temps are now more reasonable. It's been 3 years, so I am starting the rather time consuming process of cleaning and staining my back wooden deck. I'd rather it didn't, but most of my free time will be spent on this project (instead of quadcopters) so I can finish before winter comes.

Our deck is 12 years-old. It is 13x26 (pressure treated) white-pine. This pic after 30 man-hours
of cleaning, prep, and staining. Used 6 gallons of Defy Extreme stain (Light Walnut) ...
2 coats (wet on wet as directed).

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