Friday, November 7, 2014

Quadcopter and Multi-Rotor videos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words ... so how much for a video? I keep finding cool multi-rotor videos, so I thought I would link to them in this post. Most of these are geared toward sales and marketing. Videos geared toward "how-tos" are usually linked in the relevant posts themselves, throughout the blog. Most of these are better in HD with sound.

Here is the HobbyKing Quanum Nova marketing video.

You can tell Walkera has a large marketing budget, and wins the award for flashy/polished product videos. Be sure the sound is on and crank-up the YouTube resolution (gear icon) for these.

Hitler reacts reacts to a DJI Phantom flyaway. Remember that Quanum Nova is Arduino-based and RTC is short for "Return-to-China". After loosing 3 Phantoms, he decides to try a Blade 350. These are funny (sorta like Hogan's Heroes) and he reacts strongly to lots of things on YouTube (I never knew).

DHL is using quadcopters for deliveries. Video-1Video-2 and Video 3 (wish I had a team of people helping with pre-flight and watching my Telemetry).

The multi-rotors fly so well, the Internet is loaded with fly-away videos. Here is a Phantom fly-away over water and last minute RTL. Here is a Phantom-2 fly-away and eventual recovery. Here is a bunch of Fly-Aways in an Yahoo article (don't try this at home boys and girls).

RCUK edited this video with iMovie. Footage from his (custom APM-based) Walkera Scout X4 & GoPro.

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