Monday, November 10, 2014

Flight Testing

Due to the way our house is constructed, I never get any GPS satellites inside the house. I when into back-yard to test re-assembled Nova (like I usually do) before driving all the way to flying field. Out in the open, I couldn't get a GPS-Lock for 30 minutes (as in 0 sats and 100 hdop). Since I had just had quad apart, I thought problem might be on my end. According to other forum pilots, looks like today was bad day for good GPS. According to , there was a MCE that's going to be disrupting things for a while.

To estimate what GPS you should be getting:

After 30 minutes of sats=0, hdop=100 ... it just started working. I finally got a GPS-3D-Lock but hdop was still too high to Arm in Loiter Mode. Depending on yard location ... Sats 5-7 & hdop 2.3-6.7. I just Armed in Stabilize, did some AutoTrims and hovers and flew around in back-yard "obstacle-course" :)

Backyard hovering and flying.
GPS still not good, but at least getting something now.

The good news is that the vibration problems appear to be fixed (and hopefully also WobbleOfDeath). I didn't fly very much and wasn't very high, but no WoD was observed. For reference, the X-Y (red & green) Acceptable Range is -3 ~ +3. The Z (blue) Acceptable Range is -15 ~ -5.

All vibrations are well within acceptable levels. "Landing spikes" can be ignored.

Zoomed into a period (from above graph) for a closer look

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