Saturday, September 27, 2014

Testing & Setup of re-configured Nova

Since ...
- FC boards have been completely unplugged, removed, soldered on, and re-installed.
- FC, RX, and GPS Module re-mounted (with new foam tape).
- ESC PWM control cables disconnected from FC
- GPS cable connector broke and was replaced
- Way RX and FC get power was changed
- Taranis firmware upgraded
- Telemetry 915mhz v2 radio installed
- Mobius Camera installed
- Any number of other things changed

... this post will try to document the various tests and procedures that I deem required to get the Nova ready for flight.

Final Internal Config. Everything is close without actually touching.

Initial quick/easy tests and observations:

At this point, the FC, RX, and GPS-Module have all been re-mounted with new/fresh foam tape. Nothing is actually touching (not even micro-usb plug and RX below it).

In Terminal/Test/Motors ... Motors seem to spin in proper order and direction. Testing order is different that FC connection number.

GPS-Module seems to be working (tiny blue led on it's lower-pcb is flashing). Inside house, I get nothing (sats=0, hdop=100) but this is normal for my house. On the porch, I can get a 3D-GPS-Lock and sat=9, hdop=3.0 ... I think ok for an over-cast night.

Compass, Accelerometer, and Barometer (air pressure altitude) seem to be basically working ... according to MP-HUD (but will still re-calibrate).

Radio (as a set) seems to be working. Nova will Arm and spin motors. The sticks and battery meter have been calibrated at the radio itself (or at the "radio level"). Radio calibration can now be done in MP.

External LEDs are working.

Telemetry radios seem to work fine. Having on-board Telemetry radio On and/or in use does not seem to affect main RX reception (RSSI values don't really change or get worse).

Camera is basically stand-alone, but seem to work during testing.


Done like before (see previous posts) in MissionPlanner. First center your radio's Trim-buttons, and then calibrate Radio. Then, calibrate the Compass ... point each of 6 surface-faces to the ground and slowly spin around with it for each one ( aka "compass dance"). The globe model will end-up having 6 small circles embossed on it. The wireless telemetry radios make this east now. Current compass offsets are -54, 25, 2. And finally, the Accelerometer ... hold very still perpendicular-ly as instructed or prop-up.

ESCs calibrated (All at Once) in case end-points changed (center Trims first). FailSafe doesn't need to be changed but should be tested (see previous posts).

Carefully, did a "Hold by Landing Gear Test" ... with other hand, Armed and tested basic directional controls with TX.

All completed and/or passed.


In MissionPlanner/Config & Tuning/Extended Tuning ... give Opt 7 a function and also Opt8 (I set to RTL). In Taranis (Mixer), assign both to their own dedicated switches. Check all Modes on FailSafe screen.

Next Flight Objectives:

First, I will see if it will still take-off and land. Then re-do AutoTrim. Check currently available Modes (some new to me) ... Loiter, Stabilize, Alt-Hold, Land and RTL. Test Telemetry. Try to get my first flight-video with Mobius.

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