Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mobius Camera Install

Used most of the supplied mount to mount Mobius (Lens-A) camera. Drilled a 1/4inch hole in the middle of lower plate and used a (cut to exact length) 1/4in. nylon bolt to attach it. A little foam tape at front and back (just to make sure it doesn't turn and/or loosen). Between upper plate and body, I used two small nylon washers to help even-out upper plate due to rubber dampening ball's grommets in corners.

The wire-ties and fishing line are for emergency tethers (and are required ... balls won't hold in crash). One loop through all plates and parts. Even in this default position, landing gear does not appear to be in Mobius wide-angle lens.

Willing to give-up tilt to have camera up higher. Might adapt or hack a Mobius mount later. Obviously, no gimbal yet, but not really any "jello" either so stock mount is fine for now.

Current Settings (updated 2015-03): I just set my Mobius exposure to "Sunny" instead of "Auto". Just one flight that way but seems much better (especially when facing the sun). Instead of the camera temporarily making the rest of the scene dark, and then slowly transitioning back, it's more of a constant brightness. The sun just looks bright and there are some cool halos now. Anyway, thought this tip should go here.

Update 2015-06 Changed Primary recording mode to 1080p/30fps Narrow. Will decrease "fish-eye effect" when camera is pointed down. While the end-effect looks like a zoom, it's actually a pixel-matched 1080p recording from middle of lens. I also tried 720p/60fps/Narrow ... while it is smoother, it's not as sharp when played back on 1080p monitor. I have it setup as Secondary.

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