Monday, September 29, 2014

Flight #5 - Testing Nova and Mods

At the small neighborhood field and light winds. Overcast skies.

After making sure Nova would take-off and land ok, I did the AutoTrim procedure. No problem getting a GPS 3D-Lock ... Telemetry revealed sats=7 and hdop=1.8 . Tested currently assigned Flight Modes ... Loiter, Stabilize, Alt-Hold, Land and RTL.

This is also my first-ever YouTube video. The local edited 1080p file looks smoother than the uploaded YouTube video (even playing on 1080p). The YouTube video looks more like 20-25fps than 30fps. Overall, impressed with Mobius Camera. The sun-exposure glitch (pointed-out in video) has been mostly eliminated.

Everything on quad seems to be working fine after mods (see list in previous post). This includes Telemetry radios, which I have been wanting since I ordered the Nova. Nice having laptop and MissionPlanner at field, and not have to connect USB cable any more.

For the camera, I am leaning toward a FPV setup (therefore, the static camera mount), mainly because that's what many pilots say works best. I suppose Loiter assisted footage was acceptable for AP.

Here are some notes about GPS and Arming ... Green light on-steady means GPS 3D-Fix ... likely sats=5 or better (hdop is irrelevant). Allowing Arming in Loiter means hdop=2.0 or better. Number of sats is irrelevant (it's more about QUALITY of GPS signal as a whole). I always Arm in Loiter ... for best chance of GPS dependent functions to work. If at the flying field without your laptop, but having trouble, try this GPS App on your phone (just search by zip code).

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