Sunday, December 21, 2014

WLT v262 problems

Tried to fly my v262 the other day and even at full throttle, it doesn't have enough power to take-off. Fore-Port motor is especially weak. Sprayed motors with contact cleaner and lots of black dust came out. It didn't help. Sprayed Tri-Flow inside ... still no help. Removed foam body and now quad flips over on take-off. Eventually, Fore-Port stopped turning completely.

Motors 3,4 run CW. Motors 1,2 run CCW.
Each red prop is build different and rotate opposite
each other. Same with black ones.
Brushed motor
Open in a new window and then click to Zoom-In

One brush is fair. Other is ground-down to nothing and missing (only part of wiper-arm remains).

Should I fix a $60 quad? Probably not, but I really like my v262 because it's impossible to crash it or damage it with body left on (it just floats down to earth). It was my first quad trainer. Motors aren't too expensive so I currently have some on order BG's US-Warehouse.

To repair my first v262 motor failure, I ordered 4 of these from BG USA-Warehouse at $6 each. I ordered on Saturday and got them on Tuesday  :cool:. This was with Free-Shipping via USPS.

All 4 have a large sticker on plastic bag that says "V262-16 Motor"

Smaller sticker:  SKU088984 ClockWise EVK 1028-0
Inked on motors themselves: N50-3124, 2014-10-22

Smaller sticker:  SKU088984 CounterClockWise 0925-2558
Inked on motors themselves: LV-N50-3027/34.5, 2014-06-06

Even though they are supposedly the same, I ordered 2-CW, 2-CCW ... and will replace as such. Unlike the store pic, gears are mounted towards the middle of the shaft like originals.

Repair went fine, I replace Motor #3 with a ClockWise-motor. Gears mesh-together a little loose (a fraction of a millimeter off) but there isn't really a way to easily adjust that. CW means red-positive-wire goes to + sign on motor. Once the bad motor is replaced, controller board now spins all motors at full speed (which it wasn't doing before when it detected a bad one). LEDs on 2 front red-prop-ed motors are white. LEDs on 2 rear black prop-ed motors are red/blue.

I also made a better battery mount. Battery holder is turned upside down to accept spare slightly larger (but exact matching) $5 battery from HobbyKing. Added a loose wire-tie for a little middle-support, and then a velro-strap from junk-box.

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