Friday, January 2, 2015

Hubsan H107d X4 FPV Mini-Quad received

I got this H107d to fly indoors during the winter. It comes with a fairly nice radio (built-in LCD, SD-card recording, and other cool features). Control is 2.4ghz and Video over 5.8ghz.

It flies good inside with included prop-guard installed. Fairly stable and hovers good. Lots of fun but challenging is such confined spaces (I'm used to flying outside).  I also ordered 5 extra 1s 380mAh Tenergy lipos for it. It comes with a USB charger cable. Battery connector is small and rare, so I ordered a special balance-cable for BangGood to allow me to charge these lipos on my real charger.

See Video-1 and Video-2 and Video-3 and Video-4.

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