Sunday, December 21, 2014

Compass holder cracked, oh puck

Flying around in the backyard today. It's confined and has plenty of obstacles, but was mostly just light flying, hovering, and  AutoTrims. Also testing GPS on cold, overcast, cloudy day with high Kp-Index of 5-6 (was mostly getting sats=7/hdop=2.2 ... pretty surprising actually. Eventually went to 8/2.0).

During a fair landing, I kinda landed on one LandingGear skid and quad flipped over upside down. It wasn't even that bad a landing and really surprised me. Anyway, as it came to rest I heard a cracking sound.

It was the compass puck. So, Prop-Guards won't save the puck. I "glued" it back together with Plastruct solvent. 


Installed new double-sided foam tape on bottom. I did a new mount with a Plastruct strap (and small single-sided foam tape cushion) and tiny metal screws.


After Compass Calibration, new Compass Offsets are -118, 9, -1 . One of those is significantly higher than before, but still well within recommended range (-150 150).

Also recalibrated the Accelerometer while I had MP running.

EDIT 2015: Ended-up changing to this mount after cracking puck. Simpler and no extra metal screws near compass. Compass Offsets are a little better now at -99, 17, 15.


  1. Hi,
    but the compass has to be mounted with some anti-vibrations material or vibrations are affecting only the FC performances (for gyroscope/accelerometer) ?

    1. Right, only FC needs zeal. Just treat it like a delicate circuit board that can not move.


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