Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quanum Nova & Taranis radio arrived

Quanum Nova arrived from Kong Kong to Texas in 8 days. I ordered PnF model (no radio) and will be installing my new radio (my first 2.4ghz one). Still waiting on next shipment with HK LiPos and spare parts.

Compass looks secure with hot-glue and aligned perpendicular with front of aircraft.

While I've always been a Futaba guy ... I ordered my FrSky Taranis X9D & X8R receiver combo from Wayne at Aloft Hobbies. It was the newer B-version with the 2000mah battery and the X8R has the PCB antennas. The 2.4ghz communication protocol is ACCST (Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology) and supports a Telemetry channel and RSSI. Great service and got it in a few days via FedEx. For about $35, I can get more matching receivers (for the next model aircraft). From what I've been reading in forums, I don't think I would personally trust stock Nova radio.

If you can't afford a Taranis radio-set, other experienced pilots said the Turnigy 9x combo is also good. Ignoring the whistles and bells of the Taranis, difference is mainly the 2.4ghz encoding technology, Telemetry capabilities, and Fail-Safe abilities. This Turnigy radio is really just a re-branded clone of a popular radio that many companies cloned (ie FlySky FS-TH9x) .

But for me ... a 2.4ghz 9 Channel radio and receiver for around $225 was too good to pass-up. Actually, when using with APM-FC and a $15 CPPM adapter, you get 16 channels. The Taranis seemed like the right choice for me.

I really have no prior helicopter or quadcopter flight experience. Heli-X is a nice simulator and it has a DJI Phantom quad ready to fly. I could use the Taranis, but instead I just use an old FM/PCM Futaba-6ch. I also ordered a $50 (brushed-motor) WLT v262 to practice with in real world and wind.

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