Sunday, July 27, 2014

Engineering Setup - Radio Install

Installing FrSky X8R Receiver in Quanum Nova quad.

Using connection method #2 from HobbyKing PnF Setup Video (fairly standard but connecting "Signal Only" as allowed by bridged power rails).

RC Cable 1 CH-1 Vertical CH-1 Vertical
RC Cable 2 CH 2-4 Horizontal (signals only) CH 2-4 Horizontal (signals only)
RC Cable 3 CH 5 Vertical (Pin 5 wire only) CH 5 (FC Signal-1) Horizontal
Gimbal 1 CH 6 Vertical n/c (goes to bottom access)
Gimbal 2 CH 7 Vertical (white to signal) n/c (goes to bottom access)
BEC 5v CH 8 Vertical n/c

  • BEC-5v goes to RX and then to FC. FC (Flight Controller) really gets 5v from CH-1 connection.
  • Vertical connections are the standard way, with standard RC-Cable radio plug (Gnd, Power, and Signal).
  • I used "black to the right" when plugging in horizontal "servo-like" RC Cables.
  • While Channel-Signal-Rail is on FC bottom, it's on X8R's top (opposite).
  • I only used the three supplied (3 inch) male-to-male 3-wire RC Cables.
  • I carefully removed the 2 extra wires/pins from RC Cable 3 plug (at RX side) and heat-shrinked (isolated) them for possible later use.
Another Summary (for little stock-white RX which I do not have):
Stock RX channel markings are labeled "A,E,T,R,1,2,3,B". Only one RC-Cable (double-ended servo wire) goes Horizontal on RX ... the one for E,T,R . All the rest are Vertical like normal. The one marked #1 is actually Channel-5 and controls all Modes (Switches). Next ones (2,3) are channels 6,7 for lower gimbal or whatever is down there. B is Battery or in this case the BEC 5v output.

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