Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Hobbico Rise RXD-250 Racing Quad - FPV Trainer

I saw this for $50 (new-in-box) over at the RCGroups Classifieds and could not resist :). Here is what it looks like so far. I'll add more later.

It has an (older) CC3D (6DoF) and they suggest you use LibrePilot. Sure, why not ... What is that now ... 3 or 4 different GCS ... what is one more ?! :)

I'm currently using the included JST-SH_ 8pin-to-Dupont-RC RX cable with a FrSky-X6R and it seems to work good. I do find it strange that the manual and included cable steer you toward using a larger (non-SBus) RX, but they really don't provide much room to install it (between the FC and battery wiring) ... the X6R barely fits.

I think there might be a way to set-it-up with Sbus, but for now ... I used the included PWM cable, and connected each plug to a separate channel.

I bound the X6R to the Taranis with the "No Jumper Required" Mode-5 D16 CH1-6.

Model-04 at Taranis:
Mode: D16
Channel Range: CH 1-8
Receiver No: 04

Like my EB-185 and/or Tyrant-180 (they also have STM32-F1 based FC's) ... I setup basic Model Inputs as TAER, and Mixes as TAER1234 (1234 are your favorite 2-3 position switches on TX).

I installed and used LibrePilot v15.09 because that's what was shown in Hobbico Manual and I didn't want to mess with possible Firmware mis-match or upgrades right-off the bat. First thing I did in LibrePilot was to Export current UAV-Settings (including the Yaw-90 and 2-motor-swap). I think I also read in forums to not use the Setup Wizard (so I didn't, which is fine).

After I calibrated the TX, it let me Arm the motors to do a little motor-test on the bench.

Camera & VideoTX Install

I added a Foxeer HS1177 v2 600tvl CCD Camera and Aomway TX001 600mW 40ch 5.8ghz vTX.

Here are some pics of HS1177 Foxeer camera's mount. After test fit, screws must be cut to the proper length.

Installed the props for the first time. Armed quad and did a basic "control surfaces" run-test while carefully holding by landing-gear.

Maiden flight was hovering around the back-yard (aka, obstacle course) in the cold-dark night. It flies fine and fairly stable in Angle-Mode. Flew-thru a battery and did a little grass-mowing :-)

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