Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Eachine Blade 185 - RX upgrade and GPS install

I needed the FrSky-X6R for another project, so I installed a smaller FrSky X4R-SB in the EB-185. The X6R was really just for testing anyway (but I did fly it that way several times). I think the X4R-SB (also using SBus) is a better match. I mounted it with a square of black HobbyKing Zeal-clone. The blueish silicone tubing is just long enough to contain the 2 antenaas. It's wire-tied to the edges but away from spinning props.

Like before, connect cable from EB-185 PCB to the RX. That's the supplied cable with the little white 3-pin connector (SBus w/ Power) to FrSky X4R-SB using the black DuPont-RC plug on the other end.

On the Taranis:
Mode: D16
Channel Range: CH1-16
Receiver No: 03

I bound it in D16 Mode with Telemetry (CH1-3 SBus). That is the "No Jumper required Bind" and is comparable to the similar Mode-5 (D16) on the X6R/X8R.

Hold-down the F/S button on X4R-SB and power-it-up (plug-in EB-185 battery). IIRC, it's LED will be red. On Taranis' (Model-03) program screen, click Bind. Power-cycle EB-185. LED on X4R-SB should now be steady green (showing it's Bound). The EB-185 should also stop beeping now.

I also installed a GPS-unit I ordered for it a while back. They said it was for Naze32 (Rev6 10DoF) and had the proper connector already to PnP on this EB-185. I thought I would try it first on the low-deck where it's protected and there is plenty of room. I thought it might get a good-enough signal from the sides and even the top a bit. If not, I'll create and install a little platform for it behind the battery.

I plan to get back into CleanFlight and add some new Flight Modes and see what's up with the GPS features. I'll add to this post later if I come across anything interesting.

The Eachine Blade 185 is still flying good. My skid-plate mod seems to be keeping the VTX and its all-in-one PCB from getting damaged.

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