Friday, November 20, 2015

SuperNova Maiden Flight - Successful

Winds at 5mph at small Rec-Center field. Cloudy. Was getting 12 sats and dhop =< 1.2 ... wondering if this model has a slightly different GPS module (or is it the new mounting procedure)? Anyway, that's some really nice GPS stats for a cloudy day.

Maiden flight went great. Went ahead and ran through 2 batteries on this flight-session. Tested Stabilize, Alt-Hold, Loiter, Land and RTL. Loiter was steady. It even landed itself twice (Land and then RTL) without tipping over (motors shut-down when they were suppose to) ... so this altimeter (barometer) seems better than the one in first Nova.

SuperNova is very stock (see previous post). With PowerModule and 915mhz Telemetry radio installed (no other payload) THR_MID at 530 is just about right. No Auto-Trim seemed necessary.

Was getting some 3DR-915mhz-Radio RSSI warnings from Tower while not LOS (still on ground and my car was in the way). Not unexpected, but will continue the monitor it. Didn't have any problems with it during normal flight (but I wasn't flying a long/far mission).
This Super-Nova: 3DR v1 radio-set with no coax-extension - stock supplied 2.4ghz antennas
First Nova: v2 set-set with 6-inch (15cm) SMA coax-extension cable - stock supplied 2.4ghz antennas.

Tower/DP3 had no map data for this field. Not sure if it was because I haven't flown here in a while or because I forgot to preview the field at home (on WiFi) before leaving (to cache it). Used my iPhone's HotSpot feature/ability for a minute or so to retrieve it ... worked fine. Good to test this for the first time and I'm glad it works (no reason to fly without a map and real-time gps).

I pulled the (fairly detailed) logs so that feature is working fine (flash memory in FC is good). Still need to calibrate the PowerModule. Soon, I hope to install gimbal and a camera (might finally get to fly Xiaomi-Yi?)

Had a family emergency that took me away from all flying for over 2 months. Felt a little weird being on the sticks again. A little extra pressure with it being a maiden flight, but good to be back flying again.


  1. Good to have you back. Hope all is well.

  2. Good to have you back. Hope all is well.

  3. Hope all is alright.
    While you were out I managed to crash my cx20 again. Just a light brush with some trees because I got turned around and didn't realize it. lol. But once again it totally destroyed that flimsy shell. It also destroyed yet another set of the cheesy landing gear. I was looking alternatives for the gear and decided instead to just do a cheersectomy. I bought an F450 frame, new APM 26 FC, I had already replaced the TX & RX because the RX fried on me. I got the power module in, new NEO M8N GPS/compass.
    Basically, all that's left of my original CX20 are 2 motors and 2 ESCs. lol

    I'm almost done with the reconstruction and But I've hit a snag and can't seem to run it down in Google or the forums. I'm assuming there's a place I can plug the LED wires from the ESCs in somewhere on the rail, right? Any idea where?
    Also, One of the ESCs has an extra white wire going to the PDB labeled "PPM". I'm not using a PPM transmitter so I'm assuming this isn't critical? Of course I'd still like to have the wire in the right place if you know where that might be.

    One last thing. I pulled the buzzer off the old board and moved it to the new board. I put it on A5 on the rail. which is where the APM wiki says. Just wanted to make sure there isn't something weird about the CX20 buzzer that the voltage may be wrong or something. I need to go to radio shack and get some stuff to wrap this up and I could pick one up while I'm there if there's something wonky and proprietary about the CX20 buzzer like there has been on nearly everything else. lol

  4. On a stock Nova/CX20, the LEDs on stock ESCs are controlled by circuit on PowerDistBoard.

    To connect control LEDs or buzzer on standard APM, consult APM custom build docs or Google.


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