Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fall 2015 - Interesting FAA & AMA news and blogs about Drones, sUAV, QuadCopter, and MultiRotors

An air traffic control system for drones?:
NASA is developing a system to control drone traffic in our national airspace.

The FAA and sUAVs/Drone Rules 
Pro Video Coalition filters-out the Facts from Fiction & Paranoia

NBC News and Wired report
US Government will Require all drones to be Registered
Updated AP-News 10-19-2015 Article

AMA Joins DOT UAS Registration Task-Force
Registration of UAS that meet an appropriate threshold of weight, capability and other safety-related characteristics makes sense, but it should not become a prohibitive burden for recreational users who fly for fun and educational purposes and who have operated harmoniously within our communities for decades. Updated 10-19-2015

FAA's Plans for Drone Registration: What You Should Know - Good article by Terry Dunn (JSC engineer and R/C modeler). Updated 10-20-2015

FAA is about to require recreational drone registration. Updated 11-9-2015

Drone Law Blog

Drones vs Radio-Controlled Aircraft - I wonder what definitions the DOT will use?.

"Air" video series
Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) launches new video series.

Autonomous MIT Drone Flies at 30mph Though Trees - Without Lidar Updated 10-26-2015


Register your Multi-Rotors, Drones, UAS, and Model Aircraft with the FAA here. (Updated 12-2015)

Anti-UAV Defense System #1
Anti-Drone Beam Gun #2
Anti-drone links #3- #78 coming soon :(


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