Saturday, July 18, 2015

Flight Session #35 - First Nova FPV flight

While I have flown FPV with my little Hubsan X4 H107d, this is my first attempt at flying my Nova with any kind of 5.8ghz FPV.

I took it up to about 10 meters. While keeping it in Loiter and/or Alt-Hold ... I carefully flew around the field using only the tripod mounted FPV screen.

Since I got a new set of HK DIY FPV Version-2 Goggles, I mounted my old Version-1 Goggles to a tripod. No Fresnel lens is used and the black foam box makes a nice sun-shade.

I had an spare iPhone tripod mount, so I cut a piece of balsa-wood with similar dimensions. I used M3 nylon standoffs to attach it to the back of the LCD screen.

Good day of manual flying through 2 batteries.


  1. Have you written about your FPV setup on the blog? Can't spot it and looking for some inspiration as I get ready to try it on mine

    1. Just what's posted so far. I'm more into LoS flying and autonomous missions so far. I just have Boscam 200mW-8ch entry level TX/RX set, a couple of small 600/700tvl CCD cameras, and the HK v2 goggles. Just testing-the-waters really.


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