Sunday, July 12, 2015

Auto-Mission 06

My longest Auto-Mission to date at nearly 1 mile. Around a school and church, with an interesting situation near the middle with some power-line towers. Winds were around 14mph (on ground ... even faster higher-up apparently) and HDOP was good at 1.5. This video is HD with sound (and looks best full-screen).

Only second flight with all 3 on-board radios going (915mhz, 2.4ghz, 5.8ghz). I did get some in-flight RSSI warnings when Nova was on other side of school, but I think it was because school was blocking antennas Line-of-Sight. I think I might need to install a different voice on either Tower or Taranis ... it's difficult to let exactly which device is warning me, and about which radio.

As you know, I was watching Nova's progress through the mission on Tower in real-time. Among other (more important) things, this provided my cues to change camera pitch-angle.

To prove it can do it, I again let the Auto-Mission complete and land by itself. It was actually a pretty fair landing and looks worse than it really was. After it landed, it just tipped over slightly (of course, no damage).

I have no PowerModule (and no way to easily add one to this Cheerson FC) ... so it's good to know about how far I can mission-fly on this 2700mah battery. Yes, audible on-board Low-Voltage-Alarm was sounding as Nova was landing this time.

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