Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Test Flight eval and Maintenance

Adjusted Extended Parameter (main PIDs) to be the same as I was running last on v3.1.2 (just some small edits ... nothing major). Set THR_MID to 650.

Gimbal is working pretty good. However, I think it needs some tweaking to get rid of occasional "motor buzzing" and also to remove a bit more jello. It was pretty windy (and quad was getting tossed around quite a bit) so that might have been the cause.

Removed black foam padding from bottom of battery-bay so my batteries will fit and pull-out easier. With the added power draw of gimbal ... seems my Turnigy 2700/25c puffed-up a bit and got hotter than ever (but they were already a tight fit).

Retrieved logs. Vibrations are only fair. Balanced props on my trusty DuBro Balancer. They have gotten scratched up in the last month or so, but still needed little to no balancing.

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