Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Flight Test with May 2015 Mods

Well, it stopped raining here in Texas long enough to do a flight test of the following Mods
  • Upgrade to ArduCopter v3.1.5 (custom Cheerson Uart) and default params.
  • Eachine SimpleBGC Lite Metal Gimbal install (carrying Mobius)
  • FrSky Sbus to CPPM Adapter
  • New Taranis programming (Flight Modes and Logical Switches)
  • APM_252 FC-case Barometer Mod. 
Flying conditions and site were not ideal. Winds were 12mph with gusts and I was in the back-yard where there is no space (unless you like trees and buildings).
It needed an AutoTrim before it would do a decent hover, and THR_MID looks to be around 650 (635 wasn't enough).
Vinnie's custom AC3.1.5 seems to be working fine.
The gimbaled and stabilized Mobius video looks great, but man ... what a trade-off. Does "flying turkey" ring a bell? Not sure I like it.
Also, for the first time, it puffed my 25c battery a bit, and it was real hot.

Off to tune some PIDs and balance my props.

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