Monday, September 11, 2017

I'm back. My weekend Flying Session and Multi-Rotor Sale notification

I bet you all thought I disappeared from the scene :) No, I'm still alive. It's just that "life" has been getting in the way of my hobby :) It's been really crazy around here lately.

I think I got to go fly my quads like maybe 4 times all spring/summer. FPV racers are mostly just sitting on shelf and custom-build 550 hexa is still waiting for assembly. I have been maintaining my LiPos though (or, at least checking them).

It was kinda windy this past weekend, but the weather was otherwise good, so I decided to take the Nova over to the middle-school for a little flying.

I flipped though the Taranis switches and tried to remember how to do a proper pre-flight and actually fly this thing. It took a while (updating GPS almanac ?) but I finally got a good GPS lock (sats and hdop). I thought it would be OK if I use Manual-Mode sparingly ... instead relying on Loiter, Altitude-Hold, etc.

I had a couple of scary moments, but I flew-thru 2 batteries without any major damage. I also practiced my landings. I was glad to see I could just go fly the Nova after all these months. Not just with my rusty skills, but also that the Nova was still calibrated. Not sure if the version of Tower on my TX-attached Android-tablet is the latest, but it seemed to be working (but didn't try any auto-missions or anything).

Hey, one of my primary affiliate partners just notified me of a limited time sale on multi-rotors and drones. This link and code are only good for a limited time, but if you need something, you might want to check it out.

Extra 20% Off For Multi-Rotor & Accessories DealsUp To 71% Off For FPV Racer and Multi Rotor Parts.

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