Thursday, October 6, 2016

Nova repairs and updates

Here are the repairs and updates done to the Nova #2. The post will be updated until this aircraft is returned-to-flight.

Current known issues:
1. Repair or replace bad motor and/or ESC in bad set
   - Done here ... it was the ESC.
2. Repair cracked puck and do epoxy mod to reinforce.
   - Done like this
3. Check GPS-module cable. I lost GPS for 5 mins during field testing (and it didn't appear to be an GPS-Almanac update).
    - I lightly filed and cleaned up black corrosion from pins on both the compass and GPS-Module (like this). Re-used existing cables, but did clean them with (plastic-safe) contact cleaner.
4. My old Turnigy 2700mah Lipos have puffed-up to much too fit inside any more.
    - While I had it open, I raised PDB from 2mm to 6mm. I also had to move some things to keep them just barely away from top white body-shell.

Here is the final internal config (right before closing it up). Examine closely to see how I lowered the profile. Obviously, the GPS-Module was moved to be closer to tallest part of dome. Also, I had to remove part of USB cable wire insulation so it would not touch side of shell inside. APM_252 FC should still be "floating" on Zeal (which was the main objective).

Full Calibration results:
No problems with Radio, ESCs, or compass (offsets are now -31, -74, -41).

Having trouble with Accelerometer Calibration in MissionPlanner v1.3.39 and v1.3.41 . I'm currently investigating issue with the more knowledgeable forum members. At first I thought it was MP, but I recently found out that it works fine with a PixHawk v2.4.8 ... so it must be something with this APM_v252 FC or APM in general. It does seem to work thru Terminal though, which is even more puzzling.

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