Monday, March 28, 2016

ArduPilot and ArduCopter - Changes and a new Chapter

Those of you who have been following the developments over the years know that ArduPilot has enjoyed a very close relationship with 3DRobotics for a long time, including a lot of direct funding of ArduPilot developers by 3DR. As 3DR changes its focus that relationship has changed, and the relationship now is not one of financial support for developers but instead 3DR will be one of many companies contributing to open source development both in ArduPilot and the wider DroneCode community. Read More.

Also, you can read about website changes.

Meanwhile ...

I had a few minutes the other day, so I took the quadcopters to the field and ran-through 3 batteries. Just casual flying and no crashes or anything. I hope to get the gimbal and camera back on one of them soon.

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