Saturday, February 13, 2016

Flight Session 41 - SuperNova Flight-02

Took my second Nova to school-field for it's second set of flights. Mild winter here and today was nice at 69f. Clear with light winds at 12mph. Was getting good sats and dhop =< 1.6 . This time, I remembered to view and cache-in flying field on Tower/DP3 tablet at home WiFi before leaving.

I've been wanting to get out and fly, but with the holidays and family stuff, this is my first flight since before Thanksgiving. Ran 2 batteries through my new Super-Nova. A little windy but Super-Nova handled it fine. Tested all modes, flew around fast, and practiced manual landings. Still auto-land's itself perfectly also.

I tried out a new 3000mah lipo battery and it works fine. I got about 13 minutes (fairly hard/fast flying) on a stock Nova (no camera or gimbal).

My recent lack of stick-time shows. I was flying fast Alt-Hold at about 20meters and I let it get too far away from me to see its orientation. I was also over some tall trees at edge of field. I sorta panicked but remembered RTL (which worked fine). Second time it happened (on second battery) I just engaged Simple-Mode and dragged it back near me (which also works nice). I was purposely flying fast (with the wind) so I can't say the wind was carrying it away.

All-in-all a fun and exciting time flying. Super-Nova performed great and arrived back home without so much as a scratch or prop-strike.

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