Sunday, August 23, 2015

Damage Evaluation and Repairs

Best I can tell, there is no other damage (no body/frame, internal, or other accessory damage). I will update this post as repairs progress. With gyro reading tilted like that, I expected to find FC dislodged, but no ... the Zeal held and FC is still secure. So, if FC ever gets heavily jolted, it's likely going to need a re-calibration.

Gimbal Repairs:

Using advice from RCGroups user SureShot_ , flattened 45 degree bend in gimbal frame. I used hammer, soft mallet, and anvil. I did not apply any heat. I was afraid it would crack during repairs, but it worked fine. Very soft metal and likely why it bent so easily in the first place. Take your time and make small adjustments until finished.

Gimbal controller looks ok. It was working a bit after crash. Turns out the bent frame was only touching the negative/ground input terminal on the back-side of the board (lucked-out there).

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