Monday, June 1, 2015

Flight Session 21 - Gimbal Testing

The Texas weather has cleared-up, so I made it down to the big school field for a couple of batteries thru the Nova. It was partly cloudy and winds were light. GPS signal was good.

Only third flight with gimbal and trying some new tweaked SimpleBGC PIDs today. It's getting better, but I think it can be better still. I wonder if the gimbal mounting (or dampening balls) need to be changed (to help with vibrations and/or jello). Props should still be balanced, but I seem to have picked up some extra vibrations somewhere.

Manual flying was fun but quad acts like it's having a hard time power-wise. In the video, you can hear motors surging, and I'm wondering if that is making the vibrations worse. It wasn't even that windy. Might also be the quads params and PIDs since this is also a fairly new install of AC 3.1.5.

I programmed and ran a couple of Auto-Missions around field with little-to-no problems. I also tried out my new Taranis programming (instead of just using tablet). I just Arm quad and flip the Auto Switch, and give it a bit of throttle. It takes-off by itself, runs mission, and then lands itself. Really happy with how the works now. I suppose, the coolest thing the Nova does so far.

Here's a new video (finally). It's 1080p, so be sure to use gear-icon and full-screen is best. You probably want to turn-down audio a bit (there is no music) but please listen and see if you think quad motor sounds are normal.

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