Friday, March 6, 2015

New Android Tablet for DroidPlanner 3 (Tower)

I got a new Android tablet. I'm all for using what you have laying around, but the old one was barely adequate. I got tired of fighting against my old (circa 2012) budget Android tablet. So now, I have more processing power and memory and can finally run the latest version of DroidPlanner (v3 - Tower). It apparently has higher system requirements than DroidPlanner-v1.

Here is a pic of my new Dragon Touch M8 Android tablet installed on my Taranis.

  • It has a better processor (quad core) and more memory (1gb ram) to allow DroidPlanner-3/Tower to even run in the first place. I was limited to DP-1 with the iView-760tpc. The M8 is running Android v4.4.2 (KitKat)
  • The M8 has a better 8" IPS-tech screen, while the iView-760tpc had only a TFT-tech LCD. It is brighter and higher-resolution.
  • The M8 has GPS, Bluetooth, and FM-Radio ... while the iView-760tpc did not.
  • The M8 has a better battery (longer run time).
  • The M8 has a fully-functional USB-port with OTG support.
  • The M8 charges from the micro-USB port which actually turned out to be a good thing. Now, I can more easily use a standard "power-bank battery" at flying-field if needed.

Lots of new features in Droid Planner-3 (Tower).
  • Really, too many to describe. You just have to install it and see for yourself.
  • RSSI to measure signal strength between 915mhz Telemetry radios.
DroidPlanner has worked fine since the first time I tried it on the M8. I did NOT need to install or use USB Host Check App from TaurusLabs to get it OTG-support to work. I am still using this mount.

EDIT 12-10-2017

Looks like it's made by TabletExpress. I successfully re-flashed to Android Lollipop v5.0. Seems to run smoother and have better App Compatibility now. All the devices (including the "special devices" like GPS and FM-Radio) still work. USB-OTG still works. For some reason, haptic feedback seems to have changed a bit (but no big deal).

A completely new thing for me to try on it is OTG-UVC , but I could not seem to get it to work. I tried pretty hard and one dev said this tablet's chipset just can't do it for some reason.


  1. I was wondering if you have ever had GPS lock trouble after installing the 3dr telemetry? I am hit and miss as to whether i can get a solid green light. I have also just recently upgraded to new esc's and motors (emax kit) plus upgraded firmware. Since that i have not been able to get a gps lock. Any Ideas? Also, great blog, lots of great resources. Thanks

    1. No, I have not had GPS trouble due to Telemetry. GPS-Lock is also unrelated. You are outside, right? Really need Mission-Planner or Droid-Planner so you can see real-time sats/hdop. But since you are moving cables around, check cables and contacts carefully.

    2. Just posted a message in RCGroups forum. I thought it was a good summary of info, so I'm re-posting it in this Comment Section:

      Originally Posted by UltiFix -
      I also have that tablet, but it's not that great. The wifi on it sucks, and the gps doesn't work for me. But maybe im expecting to much for a $100 tablet?

      Strange ...
      In the yard (with clear view of sky) ... with the "Satellite Check" Android app, I get 9 satellites, and 6 are green (good) level. That's after only a couple of minutes (just checked).

      WiFi ... in front yard ( opposite side of house away from router) I get 4-3 bars and WiFi works fine.

      I only use the M8 for Tower/DP3 functions. I don't even "browse flying-field" before I leave house any more. I just turn my iPhone into a HotSpot after I get to the new flying-field and Tower refreshes map in a minute or so (a large area at varying zoom levels).

      Also, I don't have a problem with WiFi 2.4ghz interference. Taranis RSSI is unaffected either way, so I usually don't even bother to turn on "Airplane Mode" before flying quad.

  2. What type of mount for your tablet are you using?

    1. Think I found it at hobby king

      Any Interference from it being so close to your antenna?

    2. Yes, that is it. No, works fine (also Taranis RSSI stays high).

  3. Haven't dropped money on a replacement radio will be using the stock CX-20 one for at least the summer time. Then will look at a replacement radio. Hopefully no issues on stock. Thanks

  4. Have you tried using this tablet with the many OTG Hubs out there so you can use both telemetry and FPV with the latest tower app?

    1. Not yet. So, we want concurrent use of two USB devices : SiK-Telemetry radio and Easy-Cap_Video ... on DT-M8's USB-OTG_port?

    2. Yes you actually need to use UVC not an Easycap those don't work.


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