Monday, May 14, 2018

Alexa Echo Dot - Kids Edition (by Amazon )

Looks like the Alexa Echo Dot - Kids Edition (by Amazon) has been recently released. Watch the video from left menu. They also announced the FreeTime feature (free and paid) .

We like our 1-year old Echo Dot. So much so, we decided to go Multi-Room.

Now we have a Echo Dot, Echo v2, and a Echo Plus Hub ... one of each. Yes, while music sounds OK on a Dot ... I think it sounds much better on the larger models.

Other that the obvious uses for Alexa (which is pretty nice herself) ... I also use my Echos for Home Automation voice control with Simple-Control.  If you still have some IR-based devices in your Home Theater, you will likely want to pickup a Simple Blaster.

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